Raynor Country Day School firmly believes that early instruction and introduction of musical skills allows children greater success. The instrumental program is a firm indicator of such success. Beginning at the Kindergarten level, recorders are used to introduce basic notation, fingering skills, and music appreciation. Students continue to develop their recorder skills through their first- and second-grade years. Their skills are celebrated during winter and spring performances.

Upon entering third grade, students use their basic instrumental knowledge to achieve success on a band instrument. In addition to mastering an instrument, children learn about various sections of the band including wind instruments, brass instruments, and percussion. While students master their individual instrumental skills, students also benefit from working cooperatively as a band during multiple performances.

With several years of experience, students enter our Senior Band with the individual expertise and cooperative nature necessary to perform as a successful band. Educators work to provide the students with various types of musical genres and challenging pieces. Often, individual students are selected for instrumental solos. In addition, children are asked to demonstrate their love and appreciation for music as part of the New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA) Festival.