Kindergarten to Third Grade: The Elements of an Elementary Program

The purpose of our elementary school program is to provide a safe and healthy learning environment that will motivate young learners to further develop their academic, social, and emotional needs.

The overall goal for curriculum and instruction at the Elementary level is to further the early love of learning established at the Pre-Kindergarten level. In addition, our goal is to provide a comprehensive, developmentally appropriate program, which ensures mastery of basic academic skills in all content areas.

Several key elements contribute to our longstanding tradition of elementary excellence. Academically, our elementary school day is structured to provide block scheduling for English Language Arts development, as well as Mathematics instruction. In addition, the Developmental Reading Assessment (D.R.A.) Program and leveled library is utilized across all grade levels, Pre-Kindergarten- -Third Grade. This reading assessment program allows staff members to track the progress of children across all elementary grade levels. Similarly, such as Lucy Calkins Yearlong Writing Curriculum are utilized as an approach to writing instruction beginning at the Kindergarten level and continued through the end of Third Grade. This approach, better known as Writer's Workshop, cultivates the development of young authors through daily sessions of unique and interactive writing instruction and practice. A continuum of skill development has also been established in the area of Mathematics. Math moduels are utilized across all grade levels, Kindergarten- -Sixth Grade, to maintain appropriate skill development according to New York State Mathematics learning standards.

Furthermore, in order to facilitate cooperative learning between various grade levels, our elementary building has been subdivided into two academic learning communities. Located on the main floor, our youngest community of Pre-K and Kindergarten students are nearest to the office, bathrooms, and water fountain. On the lower level, our first-, second-, and third-grade classes utilize their elementary learning space, which includes the library, special-needs meeting room, and nurse’s office. In order to best facilitate social relationships between these two learning communities, the Kindergarten- -Third-Grade students share a cooperative recess period every day. Students and staff enjoy the cooperative and collegial relationships that are formed between grade levels often utilizing this environment to facilitate reading buddies, writing partnerships, class pen pals, and more.

Finally, the elementary program is enhanced with student participation in the following co-curricular areas:

  • Kindergarten- -Second-Grade Recorders
  • Third-Grade Band & Instrumental Lessons
  • Chorus
  • Music Appreciation
  • Art Appreciation
  • Physical Education & Health
  • Spanish Language Instruction